NAIJA! by DC Mathew is the biggest rap song by a Nigerian artiste since Ice Prince's Oleku. Delivered over a pumping dance-hall beat, NAIJA comes at you with the most powerful uplifting rhymes and chants that you cannot resist to dance and sing along to. Not to be overlooked is the powerful message of the song, Naija has succeeded in making Nigerians proud and entertaining us at the same time. A celebration of Nigeria,  the song is the most Naija-centric music ever made by a Nigerian artiste and is guaranteed to capture the hearts and minds of music lovers all over the country. The song was produced by Dexterioz Beats and mastered by Atere for Alfa Mega Records! About DC Mathew ...

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4.    We devise a content strategy for the period in question to interact, educate, inform and engage your target market in the social community we would build with the advertising placements. This cover engagements in Facebook fan page, twitter handle, Google+ profile, LinkedIn company updates and group discussions
5.    We monitor discussions going on about the brand and responding to them accordingly on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and industry related forum/blogs.
6.    We report to you on how your ad is performing: how many people that saw it (impressions), how many people that clicked on it (clicks).
7.    We manage the whole process

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1. Cost are estimates based on projections and can be lowered or increased to fit your marketing objective and budget
2. Unlike Traditional advertising the unit cost is fixed (e.g. a 30sec radio slot is N6,500, while you decide the volume you want, for instance 3 slots per day/week/month). But in online advertising, both the unit cost and volume are variables and is subject to client budget and campaign objectives. For example we can spend N100, 000.00 on a campaign or N100, 000,000.00 on the same campaign. It’s the impact and reach to consumers that will vary.
3. Having said the above, a reasonable online campaign should start with at least a budget of N20, 000.00 a day.

With 70 million Nigerians on the INTERNET, it is the largest marketplace in the country. Online Advertising offers you a single marketing platform to reach and targeted this audience across hundreds of popular websites visited by your target audience in Nigeria and other West African Countries including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube and hundreds of other popular local websites.


Creating and configuring online adverts is a complex process and an inexperienced person can easily lose a lot of money. We bring to you the science to target an audience, the art to create engagement, and the scale to reach the right audience in meaningful numbers
1.    We identify websites, social networks, blog spots, news sites, interest sites, forums etc with high Nigerian traffic to run to run your ads.
2.    We place ads there and direct people who click on the ads to the web pages containing the information you want them to see.
3.    We design the necessary banners, websites or landing pages to receive your prospective customers, and set up or synchronize them with the ad platforms.